E-commerce Solutions

Intuitive UI Design

SYSGAGE IT Solutions creates websites with optimal e-commerce functionality

  • User-friendly interface and streamlined layouts
  • Modern, eye-catching aesthetics
  • Clear and efficient navigation tools that minimize user effort
  • Functional visual elements that maximize the user’s journey into the sales funnel
  • Seasonal content for promotional purposes targeting your desired market

Product Catalogues / CMS

SYSGAGE simplifies e-commerce platform management with user-friendly tools

  • Powered by Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Simple, flexible, and scalable system for businesses of all sizes
  • Upload product-related files and media to the e-commerce platform quickly and easily
  • Browser-based functionality enables unparalleled accessibility
  • Update and manage product information from multiple sources, in real time

Inventory Management

SYSGAGE provides software-based assistance with streamlining supply chain processes

  • Comprehensive analytics on orders, storage, sales data and more
  • Examine customer demand to optimize minimum/maximum stocking levels
  • Create forecasts on sales figures for maximized flow of inventory
  • Notifications on out-of-stock products, as well as automated actions on specified stock levels

Order Processing

Our e-comemrce portals offer a hassle-free shopping experience

  • In-cart products/orders can be edited at will by customers
  • Automated order fulfillment processes
  • Automatic calculation of shipping charges
  • Package tracking for both seller and customer
  • Tracks order history of customers, including shipping addresses, payment details, etc all in one place

Robust Reporting

We build e-commerce portals that automate time-consuming processes and provide useful data in just a few clicks

  • Reporting system collates total, average, and monthly sales data
  • Detailed inventory reports for optimal stock management
  • Funnels new and repeat customers to newsletter subscriptions via email capture
  • Sales reports include demographic data for more accurate targeting of marketing strategies, leading to better ROI

SEO-friendly Code

SYSGAGE IT Solutions utilizes the latest optimization strategies for your e-commerce site to achieve higher search ranking and online visibility

  • Includes customizable meta descriptions and tags on all relevant content
  • Tailors content to appear organically on all targeted keywords and search terms
  • Access to optional SEO plugins and tools optimizing site content for pulling more organic traffic


We prioritize security above all else when developing e-commerce portals, which is why they’ll have:

  • Administrator toggle for SSL security
  • Complete encryption tools and data
  • Automated security checks
  • Multiple layers of security for fulfillment/payment processes